Joseph Chalut

Electrical Construction Manager, STG Solar

“Being in the skilled trades, you can go back to a site where you worked four to six months ago and see what you helped build. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, and you can make a decent living.”

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Ruth Simons

Homeowner Selection Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity

Erin Renwick

Project Manager at Vannoy Construction

Ashley Kepley-Steward

Operations Manager at Red Tree Builders

Marvette Fleischer

Student at AB Tech Welding

Susan Russell

Welding Instructor at AB Tech Madison

Brandon Vance Ledford

Commercial HVAC Technician at MB Haynes

Anthony Waters

Senior Construction Manager at Benton Roofing

Will Freece

Project Manager at Jade Mountain Builders

Bryan Culler

Electrician at A-American Electric