Layton Parker

General Manager / Owner, Hampton Inn – Brevard North Carolina

“Hospitality is a great, fun environment to work in, you are constantly meeting new people.”

“As a native of Brevard and Transylvania County I knew the importance of tourism here, growing up here and [I had an] appreciation for that.

“This is a four county initiative and it’s important for us to be able to partner with Madison, Transylvania, Henderson and Buncombe County and understand… how we can compliment each other so well… Hospitality and Tourism is so vital for all four of those counties… It’s a great place for opportunities and advancement.”

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Patrick Bailey

Welding Supervisor, Sylvan Sport

Bronson Patton

Assembler One, Sylvan Sport

Carmita Rivera

Product Specialist, UPM Raflatac

Josh Bradley

CC Operator, Advanced Superabrasives

Chris Valenzuela

Lead Assembly Technician, Sylvan Sports

Tyler Coan

Automation Technician, UPM Raflatac