Tyler Coan

Automation Technician, UPM Raflatac

“My interest in automation technician work I guess my upbringing,.. Growing up on a farm, working with my hands. I wanted to continue a trade where i got to work with my hands every day. My advice for someone wanting to get into a manufacturing job would be to understand that the sky is the limit.

I think it’s easy to get your foot in the door at one of these facilities, and, once you get your foot in the door, growth is exponential. I truly think you can go anywhere with a manufacturing job here in Henderson County. I think it’s important for young people, as well as older people who maybe interested in starting a career over again, to know that they can grow.”

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Leigh Cathy

CT operator with GE Aviation

Athena Maria Thomas-Jones

Production Operator, Jacob Holm : Buncombe County North Carolina
Aviation Careers

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CMC Production Quality Assistant, GE Aviation

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Lab Tech, Advanced Superabrasives

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Assembler One, Sylvan Sport

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